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what i am

I enjoy every aspect of working in Software. At the moment I consider myself a Developer Generalist ready to take on whatever is thrown at me. Because of my broad experience I have the ability to plan and find the best, and most efficient solutions.

tech advisor

I offer a wide range of skills and experience gained over years of work and constant study in multinational, organizations, startups,etc. always evolving, always up to date having the vision of the future.

Six years working in Xerox were vital for developing my ability to manage large projects for major accounts. Lately I have advised some organizations to migrate to Free Software.



I’m a software developer and a technical writer. I also stress documentation as a key developer advocate activity. I engage with the developers community.

Make an interpreter between creator and receiver technology has always been one of my best skills. That is due to my deep knowledge of the business world and also be a developer at the same time.

free software


I’m a strong believer in the societal benefits of Free Software. So I take every opportunity to contribute to its development and knowledge. Is a way of life.

Some examples are: "I Congreso Software Libre en el trabajo autónomo", "Youth and Free Culture", founding the association Asturlibre, and supporting Asturix since the beginning.


Entrepreneurship is an attitude I have always had either working as an employee either as an self-employer. Eager to innovate, I love putting all the focus on a good idea and carry it out.

I was supporting for ten years the world of self employment through UPTA, and with my startups Yestilo, Webserving and supporting on the start of others as Holalabs, Fly Solutions, MeetPays ,...

"The only source of knowledge is experience" (Albert Einstein)

It's difficult to find a profile like mine . I know.

you are my purpose

If you get here is because you want to know something about me. So I hope you find what you are looking for. My goal is that you can know me better from now on, so you're welcome.

Knowledge is free

I like sharing knowledge for a solidary future.

"What makes you GREAT is not what you do but how you do what you do" (C.Chuks Friday)

woud you want to know me better ? That's done.

see what you want

I have no secrets. All information about my activities on the Internet is always in my name. I've never used pseudonyms or false identities. My life is simple yet full.

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Luis Miguel Cuende

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Luis Miguel Cuende

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Luis Miguel Cuende

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Do the thing you're good at. you'll be happier.

is my life

My life is full of love. I love my family. I love my job. I love people. I love life.

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Luis Miguel Cuende

This memories box contains a lot of pictures of my life. You can open it.

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"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile" (Albert Einstein)

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